Happy Thanksgiving!

I am taking a break after putting the Turkey in the oven, to write about how thankful I am for friends and family.  This has been an up and down week.  One of my kids had health issues this week which scared me because of my past of having lost my father to cancer 18 years ago tomorrow!  I always think about him more this time of the year, maybe that is why I am more emotional about almost everything.  I can still hear his voice when I think about making the mashed potatoes, and hear his laugh when I think about playing his favorite card gave, head and foot.  I am very thankful for his life and all I learned from my dad.  It will be fun to spend time with family today.  We will be missing him, but celebrating life today.  We were going to go to our son and d-i-l’s in GR, MI for this day, but that did not work out and now I wish they were here with us.  We will be together at Christmas, maybe sooner if I have my way.  So those are some of my thoughts for today.


Remember your family, the ones that are here, and the ones that have passed on.  Have a great laugh and celebrate family.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  Remember to tell everyone what you are thankful for today.

Thought I would try this too! Why not?

I have decided to try writing a blog.  Not sure what I will write about yet, but my children have inspired me!  I have always known that I write better then I talk, so I will try it out here.  So here you go, my first attempt at this.   I will have to think about what I want to write for the next one.  When you have two of your three children writing books, I feel a little inadequate to write, but I am up for a challenge. 

One of the things my kids do is photo/foto Friday, so I will do this only it is Sunday.  We went to a wedding recently of some really good friends.  This is one of my favorite pictures of our friend Dan, reliving his disco days!  HI DAN!  We had a great time and also had an identity crisis because we have known both the bride and groom from the time they were born.  So which side do you sit at the church in a case such as this????

Image f